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Top 5 Hand Hygiene Articles So Far In 2016!

Patrick Boshell
July 05, 2016



Can you believe 2016 is already half way over?  We wanted to take a few minutes and look back at the top 5 hand hygiene, infection prevention and food safety articles featured so far this year in our blog. 


Of the 25 articles featured to date, here is the top 5 based on the number of page views.


 #5. Is The Flu (Or Another Bug) On Your Menu Today?


A constantly touched item in restaurants is the menus. They are not routinely cleaned and present a high contamination risk. One recent study found there was a “measurable transfer of bacteria present on menus to consumer’s hands, and bacteria survived on menus at least 2-days.” 


If you’re planning on eating out, check out these important food safety tips! Read more


#4.  The Trade Offs with Touch Free Restrooms


Touch-free restrooms have become very popular.  Building owners and facility managers like them because it creates a pleasing modern appearance and many of the technologies can help save money by reducing resource use such as water and paper towels. 


This article explores what you should consider when making the decision to automate the various devices in today’s modern restrooms. Read more


#3. Hand Sanitizer vs. Soap and Water: Which Hand Hygiene Method Should You Use?


When it comes to cleaning one's hands in a healthcare setting, the general rule of thumb is to use soap and water to wash hands if they are visibly soiled. Otherwise, hand sanitizer is sufficient.


This article takes a closer look at keeping hands clean in healthcare and provides more insight into which method you should use and why. Read more


#2 Top 3 Infection Prevention Tips for the Movies


A quick disclaimer, if you’re a movie buff and don’t want to hinder your future movie experiences – don’t read this article.


On the other hand, if you are planning to see some summer blockbusters, this article provides practical infection prevention tips for your next cinema outing. Read more


#1. Inaccurate Hand Hygiene Compliance Rates Challenged


The debate of whether healthcare professionals are keeping their hands clean enough made it all the way to the House of Commons in the United Kingdom earlier this year. 


The issue is that some UK hospitals are reporting hand hygiene compliance rates as high as 100% though independent studies show the real numbers can be as low as 18%.  As a result, instances of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) persist. 


This article explores some of the challenges with traditional methods of measuring hand hygiene compliance and share details on new electronic methods. Read more


Hopefully, you enjoyed this quick look back at the most popular articles featured in our hand hygiene, infection prevention, and food safety blog, so far this year.  A special thank you to all our contributors and subscribers for helping to make hand hygiene matter in the workplace - every day.  If you have a blog idea you would like to share or just want to give us your comments - we welcome your feedback!


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