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Top 10 Hand Hygiene Articles of 2017

Patrick Boshell
December 12, 2017



Another year is coming to an end and it's time to thank all our subscribers and occasional readers by sharing with you our most popular articles on hand hygiene, infection prevention and food safety from this year. We will be taking a break and returning with new exciting content and new look in January.

Here are the Top 10 Hand Hygiene Articles of 2017...



1. How Much Hand Soap Should You Use?

Washing with soap – not just water – is vital to proper hygiene. This is because while water is powerful at rinsing away dirt, it cannot easily remove soil or organisms that are attached to the hands. Soap is able to do this very effectively, maximizing the rinsing benefit of the water. Read more...

2. May 5th is World Hand Hygiene Day
Every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) sponsors World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5th to remind us that Clean Hands Count every day of the year…and in more ways than we think. The WHO aims to catalyze the discussion on the importance of hand hygiene in healthcare and its overall improvement worldwide by bringing people together. Read more...

3. Preventing Norovirus Outbreaks in Restaurants with Clean Hands
Customers never order a salad with a side of norovirus, but it’s a common pairing when food service employees don’t practice proper hand hygiene. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 70 percent of reported norovirus outbreaks are caused by infected food workers contaminating food[1]. Read more...

4. Antibiotic Resistance: A Global Issue
Antimicrobial resistance has gained notoriety as one of the most pressing public health issues the world faces today. It is occurring everywhere in the world, compromising our ability to treat infectious diseases, as well as undermining many other advances in health and medicine. Read more...

5. Surviving Flu Season in Schools: A Teacher's Guide
As halls and classrooms flood with students and staff, a clean school can quickly transform into a breeding ground for bacteria. Whether students are sharing markers in art class or passing basketballs in the gymnasium, children’s hands pick up dangerous germs that can spread the flu, colds and other diseases. This can lead to school outbreaks and frequent absenteeism, negatively affecting student performance and a school’s reputation. Read more...

6. 5 Ways to Break the Chain of Infection
Viral and bacterial infections threaten the health and well-being of adults and children in every environment – from highly developed, industrial nations to struggling, third-world countries. International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW), which takes place October 16-22, 2017, is a global campaign designed to zero in on healthcare’s shared mission: “Break the Chain of Infection.” Read more...

7. The Importance of Hand Hygiene at Home and School
Infectious diseases continue to be a health challenge and economic burden within our communities. Though effective hand hygiene education is critical, there has been a steady decline in hygiene promotion, especially in the home. Read more...

8. Keeping Food Safe
Every year 5.5 million people are affected by foodborne illnesses in the UK[1]. A frightening statistic, which is made even more alarming when you think about how easily the pathogens responsible for foodborne illnesses are spread. Whether it’s from direct contact with other food, hands, equipment, surfaces or utensils, cross-contamination during food preparation is a significant factor associated with food-related illness. Read more...

9. Fighting Off Cold and Flu Season with Clean Hands
The bitter cold hitting your face and mounds of snowfall at your feet is the first indication to start staying indoors and turn the thermometer up a few notches – but it’s also a warning sign that cold and flu season has arrived. With the chill outside trapping everyone inside, germs spread more quickly and can wreak havoc at home and within schools, but is best known to directly strike the hustling and bustling workplace. Read more...

10. The Germiest Places in Shopping Malls
Depending who you ask, going to the mall is either a positive experience or a negative one for many reasons. One reason you may not have considered is that with hundreds of people walking around, touching the merchandise, eating and using the public restrooms every day, bacteria spreads easily from person to person. Read more...


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