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Top 10 Hand Hygiene Articles Of 2015

Patrick Boshell
December 15, 2015



As we wrap up another year we'd like to thank all our subscribers and occasional readers by sharing with you our most popular articles on hand hygiene, infection prevention and food safety from this year. We will be taking a break and returning with new exciting content on January 12th.  


Here are the Top 10 Hand Hygiene Articles of 2015...


10. What's your Flu I.Q.?


Flu season is in full swing and you've probably been bombarded with flu prevention messages for several months.


So do you think you know all there is to know about the flu? Take this challenge to determine what is your Flu I.Q. and find out how you rank! Challenge your co-workers and friends and let us know how you did. Read more


9. 75% of People Prefer Paper Towels to Hot Air Dryers!

We surveyed more than 3,500 people and asked them which is the best hand drying method in public washrooms - paper towels or hot air dryers?  Since writing this article, 75% of the votes were in favor of paper towels, and we received hundreds of comments debating the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Read more


8. Soap - The Magic Formula?

Hand washing is something that most of us do several times a day without a second thought. But if more people around the world adopted this simple practice, it could save 650,000 lives a year according to hygiene experts. So what makes soap and water such a magical formula? Read more


7. Top 10 Germiest Places 

We all know by now that proper hand washing is the best way to stop the spread of bacteria; in fact 80% of germs are spread by hands alone! However, studies show that  only 1 in 5 people wash their hands, and of those that do, only 30% use soap! 


Let's look at some of the reasons WHY we should spend more time thinking about hand washing and WHERE in your daily lives you are most at risk of picking up nasty viruses like e.coli, norovirus, influenza and others. Here are the Top 10 Germiest Places where you should give more thought to your hand washing habits (in no particular order). Read more


6. Fist Bump or Handshake: Which is Safer?  

Viewers of the game show Deal or No Deal probably remember host Howie Mandel's habit of bumping fists with contestants instead of shaking their hands. It was later revealed that Mandel preferred the fist bump because of an intense fear of germs, which was part of his obsessive-compulsive disorder. With hand hygiene compliance becoming such a critical issue in the healthcare arena, experts are considering whether Mandel was ahead of his time. Read more


5. Would You Give Up the Bar of Soap in Your Hotel Room?


Did you know that 1.5 million bars of soap are discarded every day from hotel rooms across the United States?  Unfortunately, the same problem exists for those small bottles of half empty shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotions.


The majority of hotels in North America have no recycling program in place for these amenities, which means that potentially millions of plastic bottles end up in  landfills each year.  When you consider there are more than 5.3 million hotel rooms in North America, you quickly get a sense of how much waste is being generated. Read more


4. Break the Chain of Transmission Challenge!

is the science which studies the modes of transmission of pathogenic agents, the causes of diseases, their impact on health, as well as the economical and the sociological consequences of outbreaks in populations. 


These studies allow governments and medical authorities to implement preventive actions and to make appropriate decisions when an outbreak is declared. The end-game for epidemiologists and hygienists is to find ways of breaking at least one of the links in order to prevent or completely stop the spread of diseases. Read more


3. Odd Workplace Washroom Behavior

According to a new U.S. study, "A surprising number of Americans have used their workplace washrooms for more than they were intended."


Some of the oddest activities identified were eating (8%), exercising (7%), smoking (5%) and sleeping (5%) - all of which men are more likely to do than women." One quarter of Americans say they have used their washroom at work to text (25%) and nearly as many have gone there to talk on the phone (23%), according to the survey. Read more


2. Should You Wash Your Hands After Handling Cash?

People worry about it, marry into it, kill for it and dedicate their whole lives to accumulate as much as possible. Also considered the root of all evil, we are of course talking about money. Humans have had a strong affinity for money and its history can be traced back to over 14, 000 years ago. There are a number of myths surrounding money with the most famous being that 4 in every 5 dollar bills in the US carries traces of cocaine. The myth has found to be true, not so much because of the extent of drug taking but how residues can be spread between notes by handling, ATM and counting machines. Although the myth is true it should be noted that the quantities of the drug ranges from parts per trillion to parts per billion. Read more


And now for the most popular hand hygiene article in 2015...drum roll please...


1. 5 Gross Hygiene Facts

We've come a long way in our hygiene habits since the middle ages. Back then most people believed bathing was unhealthy and since toilets didn't exist, chamber pots were just emptied out the nearest window. Thankfully the Romans were smart enough to give us soap, which can be traced back all the way to 2800 BC.
Our modern world today is much cleaner. Now we have toilets, sanitation and soap - so how bad can it really be? We'll here's a few gross facts that demonstrate some of us are still in the dark ages when it comes to hygiene. Read more


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