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Summer Reads, 5 of our most Popular Posts

Alison Ziemianski
July 24, 2018


Summer is a great time to catch up on reading, we took a look back through our blog and compiled  a list of 5 of our most popular hand hygiene and skin care articles for you to add to your reading list.  


1. 5 Gross Hygiene Facts


We've come a long way in our hygiene habits since the middle ages. Back then most people believed bathing was unhealthy and since toilets didn't exist, chamber pots were just emptied out the nearest window. Thankfully the Romans were smart enough to give us soap, which can be traced back all the way to 2800 BC. Read More ...

2. What Is The Correct Hand Washing Technique?


Hands are responsible for the spread of 80% of common infectious diseases and hand washing remains one of the easiest and cheapest ways to prevent the spread of bacteria. However, 1 in 5 people don't wash their hands and of those that do only 30% use soap.


So if keeping our hands clean is key in preventing illness, why don't more people do it, and do it right? Read More ...

3. How Much Hand Soap Should You Use?


A typical person's hand can carry many millions of bacteria, some of which are naturally found on our bodies (the human microbiome) and some of which are pathogens (otherwise known as “germs”).

Washing with soap – not just water – is vital to proper hygiene. This is because while water is powerful at rinsing away dirt, it cannot easily remove soil or organisms that are attached to the hands. Soap is able to do this very effectively, maximizing the rinsing benefit of the water. Read More ...

4. Is Hot Water More Effective for Hand Washing?


While many believe hot water is more effective for hand washing this article featured a study that concluded, "the temperature of water used is not related to how well pathogens are eliminated during the process."  Additionally, warmer water can irritate the skin and can affect its protective layer, which may cause it to be less resistant to bacteria.  In fact, skin irritation has been reported as  one of the main reasons many healthcare workers forgo hand hygiene. Read More ...


5. The Importance of Hand Sanitizer Placement in the Workplace


Throughout any given workday, employees use their hands to write up a report, shake hands with a new client, open doors and much more. All of these activities expose hands to harmful germs and bacteria. Illness is linked to productivity loss, costing employers $225.8 billion annually in the U.S[1]. Considering that 80 percent of all infections are transmitted by hands, it’s crucial to implement an effective hand hygiene program at work. Read More ...



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