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Putting workers’ wellbeing front of mind

Paul Jakeway
March 19, 2019

 4 stages


Occupational skin disorders (OSDs) are a silent threat and an industry issue that often goes unreported and unnoticed. Implementing a Behaviour Change Process can be an effective way to improve workplace culture and positively contribute to the wellbeing of workers.


OSDs affect 40% of workers at some point in their career[1]. The onset of an OSD can, in many cases, be entirely prevented, or the extent of damage mitigated, simply by adopting an effective skin care regime.


The SC Johnson Professional™ Skin Care Programme incorporates a 4-Stage behaviour change process, an effective workflow to help managers encourage the adoption and integration of skin care best practice in any workplace:


4 stage


Stage 1 – Define

Our team will visit your organisation to define workers and managers’ needs by carrying out the following:


  • Identifying an on-site skin health team, consisting of health and safety managers and line managers. Carrying out a full site survey to establish skin care needs for the whole site.


  • Conducting Skin Condition Evaluations to measure employees’ skin health. These allow staff to receive individual feedback on their skin health as well as advice on product usage. 


Stage 2 – Implement

SC Johnson Professional™ will then implement procedures including:  


  • Installation of the right products in the right place for use at the right time, ensuring workers have access to products appropriate for their individual skin type and type of work.


  • Prompt materials will be strategically placed around site to remind workers of skin care best practice.


  • Provision of employee training videos and presentations as well as training guides to help managers implement skin care best practice within their health and safety plan.



  • Our dispenser monitoring technology – comprising of smart dispensers and a digital dashboard – can be installed, allowing employers to gather vital usage information specific to each department or the whole organisation. This will ensure that changes are made where skin care compliance is low.


Stage 3 – Communicate

The skin health team encourages workplace communications and advise the following:


  • Provision of feedback to workers on their skin care compliance, helping  to create a positive workplace attitude towards skin care.


  • Sharing compliance reports from the digital monitoring dashboard, specific to each department.


Stage 4 – Embed

Embedding change will truly highlight the importance of skin care. We recommend the following:


  • Ensure materials are up-to-date and placed in highly visible areas for all workers to see. Facilities should be reviewed regularly, and materials refreshed.
  • SC Johnson Professional™ will carry out a skin condition evaluation every six months to ensure progress is tracked and interventions are planned, if needed.


By implementing these 4 Stages to superior skin care, we can aid the delivery of your health and safety plan, whilst ensuring that you embed positive skin care behaviours and deliver a beneficial culture change in your workplace.


Learn more about the SC Johnson Professional skin care approach





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