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Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Food Safety Blog

How To Get Better Hand Hygiene For Care Homes

Hand hygiene in care homes is not always what it ought to be: evidence cited by the Department of Health suggests that many care workers do not always decontaminate their hands when required – or that they do not always use the correct technique. According to the Care Quality Commission, some studies now suggest that the number of infections in care homes may be comparable to those in hospitals as a result[1].


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Topics: Hand Washing, Long Term Care, Healthcare Hand Hygiene

25% of Seniors Leave Hospital with Superbugs

Recently I spent my Friday night at the hospital emergency.  Thankfully everything turned out fine, but as I sat in the waiting room, I couldn’t help but view things from an infection prevention perspective.  Call it a professional hazard, but watching out for potential infection transfer seemed to help pass the time.

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Topics: Long Term Care, Hospital Acquired Infections, MRSA, Infection Prevention in Healthcare

Norovirus Often Epidemic in Winter Months with Severe Gastro Infections

Norovirus (shortened from Norwalk virus) causes epidemic illness with common names that include winter vomiting disease, winter vomiting bug, viral gastroenteritis, and is also sometimes referred to as stomach flu.  Symptoms usually last 2 to 5 days and include, nausea and stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea.  Fever occurs in between one-third and one-half of cases and virus shedding can extend up to a week after recovery.  Unfortunately, people who get norovirus do not develop immunity against future infections. Although the body can make effective antibodies against the infecting strain, there are many strains that cause infection and the virus is constantly mutating in small ways that results in evasion of the human immune system. 

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Topics: Hand sanitizer, Virox, Environmental Cleaning, Hospital Cleaning, Viruses, Disinfecting, Epidemic, Long Term Care, Norwalk, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Diarrheal pathogens, Cross-contamination Prevention - Food Industry, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas, Infection prevention, Norovirus, Winter Vomiting Disease, Stomach Flu, Gloves, Washing and drying, Food workers, Barry Michaels, Cross Contamination

Hand Hygiene for Long Term Care Homes

Health care associated infections (HAIs) can have a significant impact on the health of residents in long-term care facilities and their overall quality of life. 

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Topics: Hand hygiene compliance, Hand Hygiene Education, Just Clean Your Hands, Long Term Care, Infection Prevention in Healthcare

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