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Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Food Safety Blog

How To Get Better Hand Hygiene For Care Homes

Hand hygiene in care homes is not always what it ought to be: evidence cited by the Department of Health suggests that many care workers do not always decontaminate their hands when required – or that they do not always use the correct technique. According to the Care Quality Commission, some studies now suggest that the number of infections in care homes may be comparable to those in hospitals as a result[1].


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Topics: Hand Washing, Long Term Care, Healthcare Hand Hygiene

PPE and Hand Hygiene

According to OSHA, the definition of PPE is “specialized clothing or equipment worn by an employee for protection against infectious materials,” but what if the manner of use of that protective equipment could possibly cause the spread of infection?


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Topics: PPE, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Healthcare-Associated Infections, Healthcare Infections, Healthcare Hand Hygiene

How to Make It Easier for Patients to Speak Up About Hand Hygiene

According to an article humans unconsciously touch their noses and mouths more than 3.6 times per hour. When we do this, not only do we spread germs into our bodies from whatever we were touching; we spread germs from our bodies onto whatever we touch next. In the course of a day, we expose ourselves to potential infection – as well as transmit opportunities to infect others – about 86.4 times.

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Topics: Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Healthcare-Associated Infections, Healthcare Hand Hygiene

Focus on Skin Health: Taking Care of Your Silent Majority

There’s a concern in health – and indeed many other aspects of human systems – in which we tend to focus on the weakest aspects prone to failure yet ignore or take for granted those aspects we regard as perpetually safe. Unfortunately, when this silent majority turns on us or becomes compromised, the consequences can be dire. Even worse, figuring out how to mitigate and remediate the situation can be complicated and remediation may require drastic actions.

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Topics: Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Healthcare Hand Hygiene

"Er...Doctor, Can You Please Wash Your Hands?"

When it comes to asking doctors if they’ve washed their hands, most patients are washouts.

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Topics: Hand hygiene, Hand hygiene compliance, Hand Washing, Handwashing, Hospital Acquired Infections, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Hand Washing Behavior, Healthcare Hand Hygiene

Ebola: Hand Hygiene and a Bit Player with Huge Consequences?

In the large scheme of things having a global impact, it is believed that life on our planet is ruled by the interactions of the bacteria that drive nutrient and energy flow and the viruses that infect them.  While these are the really big players we never really give them a thought even though their processes, the delicate dance of life and death have been going on for perhaps a billion years.  Instead we are all focused on something coming out of West Africa we never even heard of until a few years ago.   And that is just the problem; neither the disease nor our disease-fighting repertoire has the experience at this rather ugly tango in which we find ourselves involved.  Ebola generally kills its human hosts too quickly to be a well-adjusted obligate parasite and we thought it could be relied upon to burn itself out.  The later of which does not qualify for a disease control plan.  

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Topics: Hand hygiene, WHO, Transmission of disease, Ebola, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Infectious disease, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas, CDC, Healthcare Hand Hygiene

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