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Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Food Safety Blog

Effective Hand Hygiene Strategy for Passenger Cruise Ships

Modern passenger cruise ships are effectively “mini cities” at sea, with populations of several thousand and hence with all the complexity in hygiene provision of a typical urban infrastructure, with the added complication of isolation for long periods of time (no-one leaving or entering the environment).

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Topics: Hand sanitizer, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas, passenger cruise ship

The Most Effective Way to Use Hand Sanitizer

Did you know that you may have been cleaning your hands wrong this whole time? A recent study finds that the most effective way to sanitize your hands is the 6 step method recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Topics: Hand sanitizer, Hospital Acquired Infections, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Infection prevention

Hand Washing: Separating the Science from the Myths

There are many old-wives tails, rumors and stories that are so ingrained that we don’t know if they are fact or fiction. The list is so long that a popular TV show called “The Myth Busters” is totally devoted to applying science to verify if myths are true or false. The show is for entertainment but it is when myths or non-substantiated knowledge, are actually applied in regulations and guidelines with the thought that someone must have done the science at some point in time. With this in mind we see the method for hand washing posted everywhere from web sites to posters above sinks. However, we rarely pause to think about the scientific evidence to support the guide on effective hand washing.

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Topics: Hand drying, Hand hygiene, Hand sanitizer, Hand Washing, Handwashing, Antibacterial soap, Air dryers, Paper towels, Keith Warriner, Hand Washing Behavior, Antibacterial hand wash, Hot water

The Connundrum of EV68 Infection Control

This summer, a virus has spread across the United States and Canada leaving hundreds of children infected many of whom required hospitalization.  The cause is enterovirus D species, serotype 68 (EVD68 or EV68).  This virus is well known to microbiologists but has rarely grabbed media headlines.  Yet for some reason, whether due to evolution or some other unresolved risk factor, the pathogen has sparked concern for parents and public health officials alike.

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Topics: Hand sanitizer, Hand Washing, Handwashing, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas, Hand Washing Posters, Hand Sanitizer Effectiveness, Respiratory Viruses, Hand hygiene for children, EV68, enterovirus

Mis-LEEDing information made clear: Understanding hand hygiene as it applies to green cleaning

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Topics: Hand drying, Hand hygiene, Hand hygiene compliance, Hand Hygiene Education, Hand Hygiene Facilities and Supplies, Hand Hygiene Training & Education, Hand sanitizer, Hand Washing, Hand Washing Efficacy, Hand Hygiene Communication, Hand Hygiene Efficacy, LEED, green cleaning, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas, CDC, Hand Washing Behavior, Hand washing compliance

Is Ebola the “Bat-out-of Hell” and will we learn something from this experience?

My esteemed blogging colleagues have written much on the subject of the most recent and deadly Ebola outbreak(s).  That's right; we now have the outbreak of two Ebola strains to be concerned about, one in Zaire and the other in the DR Congo.  Certainly unprecedented in modern times, if not for its scope, but for the shear terrifying manner in which the virus does its dirty deed.  Researchers say that the Zaire outbreak started when a fruit bat bit a 2-year old child and within a week both toddler and mother were dead.  Fruit bats live in colonies around the world of sometimes thousands or even millions strong.  This reminds me of the ‘super-herds’ represented by our large cities. In this case the butterfly effect so talked and written about has turned into a bat wing!

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Topics: Hand hygiene, Hand sanitizer, Ebola, Butterfly Effect, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas, CDC, Hand Sanitizer Effectiveness, Barry Michaels

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