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Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Food Safety Blog

Soaperheroes: Here to Help Schools Fight Back Against Germs

Did you know that one million bacteria can be created by one child in a school day?[1] It is hands which are the primary vehicle for transmitting germs, and so if pupils are failing to effectively wash their hands, it is easy to understand how germs and bacteria can quickly spread.

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Topics: Hand Hygiene Education, Hand Washing, Hand hygiene for children

School Children Can Become ‘Hand Washing Champions’

Did you know it was recently Global Handwashing Day?


Each year on October 15th, over 200 million people in over 100 countries take part in celebrations to mark Global Handwashing Day. Once again, Deb Group was heavily involved in this day of advocacy, which promotes handwashing with soap as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.


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Topics: Hand Washing, Handwashing, Global Handwashing Day, Hand hygiene for children, Hand Washing Behavior

The Connundrum of EV68 Infection Control

This summer, a virus has spread across the United States and Canada leaving hundreds of children infected many of whom required hospitalization.  The cause is enterovirus D species, serotype 68 (EVD68 or EV68).  This virus is well known to microbiologists but has rarely grabbed media headlines.  Yet for some reason, whether due to evolution or some other unresolved risk factor, the pathogen has sparked concern for parents and public health officials alike.

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Topics: Hand sanitizer, Hand Washing, Handwashing, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas, Hand Washing Posters, Hand Sanitizer Effectiveness, Respiratory Viruses, Hand hygiene for children, EV68, enterovirus

On Global Handwashing Day, make hands clean, not contagious!

October 15th is Global Handwashing Day, a day that was originally created for children and schools, but can be celebrated by anyone promoting handwashing with soap. Each year, over 200 million people are involved in celebrations in over 100 countries around the world. However, Global Handwashing has since expanded to include everyone, including all types of workplaces where hand hygiene continues to be a priority.

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Topics: Hand hygiene, Hand hygiene compliance, Hand Hygiene Education, Handwashing, Improve Hand Hygiene, Hand Washing Efficacy, Absenteeism, Hand Hygiene Communication, Hand Hygiene Efficacy, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Global Handwashing Day, Handwashing promotion, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas, Hand Washing Posters, Global Hand Washing Day, Bacteria, Germs in the office, Hand hygiene for children, Hand Washing Behavior, Cross Contamination

Clean soap dispensers are good for business

It should come as no surprise that restaurant patrons, industrial employees, and students all may view a restroom experience as an overall indicator of a facility’s level of excellence.

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Topics: Hand hygiene, Hand Hygiene Facilities and Supplies, Hand Washing, Contaminated surface, Hygienic cleaning, Absenteeism, germs, sealed dispensers, closed-system dispensers, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas, CDC, Hand hygiene for children, Restroom hand washing

Is it Safe for Children to Use Hand Sanitizers?

In 2013, more than 600 comments were posted to this hand hygiene blog and our diligent team of experts try to respond to everyone as part of our 'Ask the Experts' series.  

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Topics: Hand Hygiene Training & Education, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas, Hand hygiene for children

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