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Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Food Safety Blog

Can You Sniff C. diff?

What are dogs really known for? Are they soft and cuddly? Man’s best friend? The fact: all are true, but one thing about dogs that we know to be true, is that they have an impeccable sense of smell.


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Topics: C. diff., Hospital Acquired Infections, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Healthcare-Associated Infections

The Butterfly Effect of Hand Hygiene on Antibiotic Resistance

Ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? It’s a phenomenon conceptualized by the late MIT professor, Edward Lorenz, in which small, seemingly insignificant events such as the flapping of the wings of a butterfly can lead to dramatic differences in the larger context; in this case, a tornado thousands of miles away.  The goal of Lorenz’s work was to point out the fragile nature of weather forecasting in a chaotic world but his analogy has become a staple in many different realms, including infection control.

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Topics: Antimicrobial resistance, C. diff., Butterfly Effect, MRSA, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, WHO 5 Moments, WHO May 5th, CDC

Free Webcast, “Preventing the Spread of C. diff”

On March 6, 2013, CleanLink.com hosted the webcast, “Preventing the Spread of C. diff,” presented by Rick Macher, director of compliance and research for the Workplace Safety Awareness Council.
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Topics: Prevention and Control of Infections, C. diff., Webinar, CleanLINK, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, DebMed

Preventing a Clostriduim difficile Outbreak (Part 1)

Bridgepoint Health in Toronto, Ont., is one of Canada’s leading medical facilities in understanding, treating and managing complex chronic disease – the number one health care challenge of the 21st Century. 

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Topics: Environmental Services, PIDAC Best Practice, C. diff., Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Infection prevention

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