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Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Food Safety Blog

Top 10 Hand Hygiene Articles of 2017

Hand Washing Reduces Your Chance of Catching a Cold by 45%

Help Employees Prevent Dry Hands In The Winter

4 Ways To Give Flu The Cold Shoulder This Winter

Warning Nasty Flu Season Ahead

The Car Interior Microbiome: Gas Station As An Infection Control Hotspot

Surviving Flu Season in Schools: A Teacher's Guide

Why Strong Hand Cleansers Are Not Always Better

5 Ways to Break the Chain of Infection

How To Teach Hand Hygiene At School on Global Hand Washing Day

5 Handy Hacks to Help You Survive Cold and Flu Season

Hygiene - The Invisible Threat After Natural Disasters

Few Wash Hands Properly In Germy Schools

The Psychology of Hand Hygiene

The Importance of Hand Hygiene at Home and School

How To Implement A Skin Care Program In Your Workplace

What Do Brown M&Ms & Hygiene Have in Common?

Salmonella - What You Need To Know

How To Get Better Hand Hygiene For Care Homes

Age Increases Your Risk of Foodborne Illness

PPE and Hand Hygiene

The Dangers of Petting Zoos

73 Million Americans Did Not Wash Their Hands Today

How To Protect Cleaning Professionals From Occupational Dermatitis

Top 5 Hand Hygiene Articles in 2017 So Far...

74 Percent Believe Businesses Should Provide Sunscreen for their Employees

Cookbook Recipes Fail Food Safety

Top 3 Sunscreen Myths Debunked

My Hands Matter – SPEAKING OUT about Occupational Skin Disorders (OSDs)

Avoiding Hand Sanitizer Ingestion in Children

The Importance Of Sun Safety In School

Talking About Skin Care Health in the Workplace

May 5th is World Hand Hygiene Day

Protection For Outdoor Workers From Ultraviolet (UV) Rays

Understanding Hand Hygiene Compliance In Healthcare Environments

How Much Hand Soap Should You Use?

The Skin Below The Glove

The Germiest Places in Shopping Malls

Politics and Pathogens : The Handshake

Antibiotic Resistance: A Global Issue

Soaperheroes: Here to Help Schools Fight Back Against Germs

Bin The Bulk, It’s Safer Sealed

Fighting Off Cold and Flu Season with Clean Hands

Preventing Norovirus Outbreaks in Restaurants with Clean Hands

Make A Healthy Resolution with Handwashing

Keeping Food Safe

Skin Care To Keep Hands Healthy This Winter

Clean Washroom – a New Year’s Resolution That Makes A Big Difference

Top 10 Hand Hygiene Articles of 2016

Have You Washed Your Hands? Hygiene in Public Washrooms

Nurses Clothing Covered in Bacteria

Hand Hygiene Compliance is the Key to Success for Food Manufacturers

What Is The Correct Hand Washing Technique?

Can You Sniff C. diff?

Expensive Hotels Give More Germs for Your Money

School Children Can Become ‘Hand Washing Champions’

Everybody is Watching. Better Wash Your Hands!

Is Buffet Food Bad For You?

This Is Where Germs Are Lurking In Your Home

How To Protect Hands from Skin Damage in the Mining Industry

Touchscreens: The Mosquito of the Digital Age

Making It Easier Not To Forget

How Important is Hygiene Education for ‘Adulting’?

The Age Of Big Data – What Can It Do For Hand Hygiene?

Don’t Let the Travel Bugs Bite

Stadium Sports Attract Fans and UV Rays

25% of Seniors Leave Hospital with Superbugs

Germs Getting A Free Ride on Public Transportation

Why You Need to Keep Your Smartphone out of the Kitchen!

Be a Superhero! Help Fight Superbugs!

Top 5 Hand Hygiene Articles So Far In 2016!

Can the ‘Yuck Factor’ Motivate People to Wash their Hands?

Celebrity Chef Hand Washing Fail

Effective Hand Hygiene Strategy for Passenger Cruise Ships

How to Make It Easier for Patients to Speak Up About Hand Hygiene

Microbeads, Macro Problems

The Most Effective Way to Use Hand Sanitizer

Survey Reveals Only 18 Percent of Outdoor Workers Always Wear Sunscreen at Work

Be UV Aware – Minimising The Risk Of Skin Cancer

SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands 5 May 2016

Hand Hygiene when Being Potentially Exposed to Heavy Metal Dust

Study: Is Going To The Mall Bad For Your Health?

Focus on Skin Health: Taking Care of Your Silent Majority

Now Serving: Hand Hygiene Tips

The Trade Offs with Touch Free Restrooms

Swine Flu Outbreaks Put Spotlight on Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene Beyond Hand Washing

Hand Sanitizer vs. Soap and Water: Which Hand Hygiene Method Should You Use?

Flu Prevention Helps Keep Business Healthy

How to Keep Hands Healthy in Winter

How Strong Are You Against The Flu?

Top 3 Infection Prevention Tips for the Movies

Inaccurate Hand Hygiene Compliance Rates Challenged

Is The Flu (Or Another Bug) On Your Menu Today?

Nailing It.

From Controversial Discoveries in Microbiology to Major Progresses in Skin Hygiene

Top 10 Hand Hygiene Articles Of 2015

Spread The Word, Not Germs

Biohazards Associated with Shopping Carts

Can’t Touch This! Flu Season!

Off Site? You Still Need To Wash Your Hands.

How To Get "Flu Season Ready" In 5 Simple Ways

Lack of Hand Hygiene Compliance: Mainly a Human Behaviour-Related Factor?

Real World Consequences of Hospital-Acquired Infections

Popular 'Life Hacks' for Germy Places

Shedding Light on the Impact of the Microbial Cloud

Interview: Manager of Infection Prevention Talks About Social Media For Healthcare Professionals

How To Implement An Infection Prevention Program In Your Business And Save Significantly

How To Prevent The Next Pandemic

Mans’ Best Friend May Not Be As Friendly After all: Pathogens That Can Be Transferred From Pets

Class Is In Session, Germs Are Too: Top 3 Articles

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

Please Go Home; If You Are Sick

Top 10 Germiest Places

Biohazardous Cell Phones

We All Play A Role In Infection Prevention And Control

Is Raw Seafood Safe to Eat?

Bumpy Starts: Is the Fist Bump a Faux Pas?

Are We Hygiene Obsessed?

Healthcare Technology Helps Make Commercial Washrooms Smarter

Tune Up Your Skin Care Knowledge

Top 5 Hand Hygiene Articles So Far in 2015

Summer is Peak Season for Foodborne Illness

How Many Hands Will You Shake in Your Lifetime?

Creative Campaigns Can Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance

75% of People Prefer Paper Towels to Hot Air Dryers!

Would You Give Up the Bar of Soap in Your Hotel Room?

Sun Protection: A Universal Perspective

Hand Hygiene: Your Entrance Door to Safer, More Effective Interdisciplinary Care

Illness Prevention in Schools - Why Perfect Attendance Awards Are Not So Perfect

WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands Day! Your Five Action Items for May 5

Know How to Combat Common Excuses for Lapses in Hand Hygiene

Wash. Rinse. Repeat : Hand Washing For Food Safety

Everybody Is Doing It: How Social Networks Can Increase Handwashing

Is Your Workplace Making You Sick? No, Really!

Low Tech But Still The Most Important: Wash Your Hands

How Skin Care is Becoming an Industry Priority

How To Heal Workers' Hands and Save Money

5 Gross Hygiene Facts

Should You Wash Your Hands After Handling Cash?

Soap - The Magic Formula?

Hawthorne Effect: Hand Hygiene Rates Increase Three-Fold When Auditors Visible

Fist Bump or Handshake: Which is Safer?

Odd Workplace Washroom Behavior

Break the Chain of Transmission Challenge!

What's your Flu I.Q.?

3 Things on My Hand Hygiene Holiday Wish List

Call Into Work Sick....Please!

"Er...Doctor, Can You Please Wash Your Hands?"

Top 10 Hand Hygiene Articles in 2014

How to Keep your Workers' Skin Healthy

Skin Care: Keep Your “Body Armor” Healthy

Ebola: Hand Hygiene and a Bit Player with Huge Consequences?

Hand Washing: Separating the Science from the Myths

The Connundrum of EV68 Infection Control

On Global Handwashing Day, make hands clean, not contagious!

How to Protect your Skin from Heavy Metal Dusts

How To Avoid The Flu This Season

Mis-LEEDing information made clear: Understanding hand hygiene as it applies to green cleaning

Is Ebola the “Bat-out-of Hell” and will we learn something from this experience?

The Dermatitis Detective: Tracking the causes of dermatitis in your workplace

Clean soap dispensers are good for business

Nano-sized titanium dioxide in sunscreens - friend or foe?

DebMed Champions Expert Panel Hand Hygiene Guidance

Are You Being Greenwashed? The ins and outs of green labeling on products

Clean Hands. Contaminated Clothing.

The Dirt on Air-Travel : Bacteria On Plane Surfaces

Handwashing, Soap and Gloves: Food Safety in your Restaurant

What Happens When Our Skin Fails Us?

Water Consumption Reduced with One Simple Change

Stick it to skin disease: Tips for protection against hazards

Food Safety Is In Our Hands

The Food Service Industry Can Help Prevent Norovirus Outbreaks

Infection Prevention: Why It Matters in the Workplace

Are your workers UV protected?

Hotel Rooms – Source of Community Associated Infections?

The Evolution of Hand Protection in Today’s “Cleaner” Workplace

Sneezes Are Travelling Germ Clouds

SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands

The Role of Airflow in Microbial Contamination

Hand Hygiene Needs its Golden Arches

What is the 'Germiest' Profession?

This May 5th, Double Your Celebrations To Make A Meaningful Impact

The Butterfly Effect of Hand Hygiene on Antibiotic Resistance

Hand Hygiene - How Much is Too Much?

Is it Safe for Children to Use Hand Sanitizers?

Is Hot Water More Effective for Hand Washing?

Physicians’ Stethoscopes More Contaminated Than Palms of Their Hand

What Can Hand Hygiene Learn From Fire Safety?

Hand Washing vs. Hand Sanitizer in the Fight Against Norovirus

Celebrate Contact with Clean Hands

Dirty Money - How Contaminated Is It?

What is the Most Contaminated Object in Public Washrooms?

Bump The Handshake For Hand Hygiene

Hospitals Not Adopting All Hand Hygiene Best Practices

Top 10 Hand Hygiene Articles

Turn This Year’s New Year Resolution Into A Hand Hygiene Revolution

Reduce the Risk of Occupational Dermatitis through Skin Care Management

Hand Hygiene Does a Soul Good

Handwashing and HAIs: What's Holding Us Back?

Superbugs and Antibiotic Resistance

Are Your Coworkers Making You Sick?

What is the Cost of Healthcare Associated Infections?

The Psychology behind Asking Doctors to Wash Their Hands

Multifaceted Solutions to Hand Hygiene Compliance

Anchor Hand Hygiene Compliance in Assessment

Beyond the WHO Five Moments: The Organization’s Role in Hand Hygiene Compliance

Engaging Patients and Families to Create Hand Hygiene Champions

WHO’s “Five Moments” Tackle the Realities of HAIs

Does Self Protection Drive Hand Hygiene Behaviour in Healthcare?

Occupational Skin Disease: A Cost of Doing Business

1 in 5 People Don't Wash Their Hands

How Social Media Created a Hand Hygiene Revolution

Saving Lives with Proper Hand Hygiene this National Health IT Week

What Doctors Wear: Do We Care Too Much?

School Absenteeism Due to Illness - Fact or Fiction?

Protective Gloves Get Used and Abused

Hand Hygiene in Hospitals Has Gone Too Far

Achieving Reduced Infection Rates via Hand Hygiene Compliance

Making Hand Hygiene Purposeful

Got a Skin Care Question? 'Ask the Experts' Series Continues!

First, Wash Your Hands

Your Mobile Phone Is Dirtier Than You Think

Paper Towels or Hot Air Dryers - Which is Better & Why?

Hand Cleaner Should Not be Harsh & Abrasive

Hand Hygiene and Food Safety

Sun Protection for Outdoor Workers

Are Women Better Than Men When it Comes to Hand Washing Practices?

Free Webcast, “What You Don't Know About Hand Hygiene Could Cost Your Company Millions”

SARS - Was Round 2 ten years in the making?

Hand Hygiene in Food Processing and Food Service

Food Safety: Hand Hygiene is Key

Got a Hand Hygiene Question? Ask the Experts!

Hand Washing or Hand Sanitizer. Which is Better and Why?

Two Questions to Improve Patient Safety Culture in Healthcare

Methods for Assuring Hand Hygiene Compliance in Healthcare

WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands Day is Coming!

Bacteria and Viruses at Work

Healthcare Hand Hygiene 101

Why Hospital Infection Rates Continue to Climb Despite Improved Hand Hygiene?

Vomiting Larry Teaches Us About Norovirus

Washroom Solution; The Real Problem to Improving Hand Hygiene?

Patients Face More Lethal Infections from CRE

SARS-Like Coronavirus and Flu Prevention

Flu Shot Not Effective for Seniors: Hand Hygiene Best Defense

Respiratory Viruses and SARS on the Wing

Free Webcast, “Preventing the Spread of C. diff”

Better Hand Washing as First Line of Defense Against the Flu

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Effective Hand Hygiene in the Presence of Norovirus

Norovirus Often Epidemic in Winter Months with Severe Gastro Infections

Maximizing Hand Hygiene Effectiveness In Healthcare Settings: Part 2

Maximizing Hand Hygiene Effectiveness In Healthcare Settings Part 1

Hand Hygiene Alone Isn’t Enough

Clostridium difficile Infection Prevention (Part 2)

Dry Winter Skin

Food Safety Practices in Retail

Preventing a Clostriduim difficile Outbreak (Part 1)

Fragrance Free Skin Care

Keep Your Droplets to Yourself!

Hand Washing and Drying to Reduce Microbial Contamination

Hospital's Cleaning Role in Preventing Infections

Infection Prevention and Control Education Teleclasses

Hand Hygiene Monitoring Q&A

Flu Prevention is Good for Business

Global Handwashing Day

Gloves and Hand Hygiene for Food Safety

Antibacterial Soaps Cause Concern

Hand Hygiene for Long Term Care Homes

90% of Healthcare Workers Not Hand Hygiene Compliant

Hand Cleaner Combines Grit with Foam

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