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What is the 'Germiest' Profession?

Germ Professions

Did you know that your desk is more contaminated than the average toilet seat? In fact, office toilet seats have about 49 germs per square inch compared to desktops at 21,000.  But how can that be when desktops get cleaned frequently?

This May 5th, Double Your Celebrations To Make A Meaningful Impact

WHO May 5th Hand Hygiene

Most of us know at least one person in our lives whose birthday falls on another special day, such as New Year’s, Canada Day, Halloween, and of course, Christmas.  For these lucky individuals, there are two opportunities for revelries as they mark the day of their birth as well as a traditionally known day of joy.  For those of us within the close circle of that individual, we also get to share in the multiple festivities.

The Butterfly Effect of Hand Hygiene on Antibiotic Resistance

Butterfly effect

Ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? It’s a phenomenon conceptualized by the late MIT professor, Edward Lorenz, in which small, seemingly insignificant events such as the flapping of the wings of a butterfly can lead to dramatic differences in the larger context; in this case, a tornado thousands of miles away.  The goal of Lorenz’s work was to point out the fragile nature of weather forecasting in a chaotic world but his analogy has become a staple in many different realms, including infection control.

Hand Hygiene - How Much is Too Much?

Hand hygiene how much is too much

The last few articles featured in this blog have generated a significant amount of discussion and we'll continue to feature some of your questions & comments as part of our 'Ask the Experts' series.

Is it Safe for Children to Use Hand Sanitizers?

kids hand sanitizer

In 2013, more than 600 comments were posted to this hand hygiene blog and our diligent team of experts try to respond to everyone as part of our 'Ask the Experts' series.  

Is Hot Water More Effective for Washing Hands?

Hot water and hand washing

Researchers surveyed 510 adults and asked them questions about their hand washing behaviours and perceptions.  People were asked how often they wash their hands, for how long and how hot the water should be.

Physicians’ Stethoscopes More Contaminated Than Palms of Their Hand

Stethoscope hand hygiene

Although healthcare workers’ hands are the main source of bacterial transmission in hospitals, physicians’ stethoscopes appear to play a role. To explore this question, investigators at the University of Geneva Hospitals assessed the level of bacterial contamination on physicians’ hands and stethoscopes following a single physical examination.   The study appears in the March issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

What Can Hand Hygiene Learn From Fire Safety?

stopcleanyourhands resized 600

Hand Hygiene is one of the simplest yet most important things that anyone can do to help keep themselves and others around them healthy and free from disease.

Hand Washing vs. Hand Sanitizer in the Fight Against Norovirus

describe the image

What do bedbugs and norovirus have in common?  Well recent research has found that like norovirus, it may take only from one to 10 bugs to cause a full-blown infestation. 

Celebrate Contact with Clean Hands

Valentines Day Hand Hygiene

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the minds of many will turn to the subject of love. Expressing the emotion may take many forms: chocolate, cards and cuisine. Yet the most common communication at this time is the moment where two mutually adoring people come into contact. After all, touch is universally known as the display of one’s care for a colleague, contemporary or companion.

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