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Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Food Safety Blog

Germs Getting A Free Ride on Public Transportation

If you live in a major city, chances are you use public transit either daily or often. It's likely so incorporated into your commute or daily errands, that it has become automatic and you don't give it any thought. Try to think back when you first started using public transit and you stepped into that subway, that bus or that train to find hundreds of strangers packed into a small space, breathing, coughing and perspiring. Were you squeamish then? Well considering 80% of bacteria is transmitted by hands and 76 out of 100 people either don't wash their hands at all or don't use soap, you might have reason to be. Let's have a look at what is lurking in our public transportation system.

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Topics: MRSA, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas, public transportation, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli

Why You Need to Keep Your Smartphone out of the Kitchen!

Recently, I enjoyed a great meal at a local restaurant.  As we were leaving, we passed by the kitchen, which was visible to the diners.  I immediately noticed one of the chefs was texting and proceeded to put his smartphone in his pocket and continued cooking – without washing his hands.

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Topics: Foodborne Illness, Food Employees, Food Safety

Be a Superhero! Help Fight Superbugs!

If you’ve been following health news recently you may have heard the following scary phrases: nightmare bacteria, drug resistant bacteria, mcr-1 superbug. These terms are used simply to refer to the same thing: bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics we use to kill them. Sounds terrible, but in reality there are steps we all can take to prevent this and protect ourselves.  

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Topics: Antimicrobial resistance, superbugs, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas

Top 5 Hand Hygiene Articles So Far In 2016!

Can you believe 2016 is already half way over?  We wanted to take a few minutes and look back at the top 5 hand hygiene, infection prevention and food safety articles featured so far this year in our blog. 


Of the 25 articles featured to date, here is the top 5 based on the number of page views.



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Topics: Hand hygiene, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas

Can the ‘Yuck Factor’ Motivate People to Wash their Hands?

Be honest.  Have you ever neglected to wash your hands after using the washroom? Unfortunately, 1 in every 5 people you meet did just that. 


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Topics: Infection Prevention in Healthcare

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