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Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Food Safety Blog

School Children Can Become ‘Hand Washing Champions’

Did you know it was recently Global Handwashing Day?


Each year on October 15th, over 200 million people in over 100 countries take part in celebrations to mark Global Handwashing Day. Once again, Deb Group was heavily involved in this day of advocacy, which promotes handwashing with soap as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.


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Topics: Hand Washing, Handwashing, Global Handwashing Day, Hand hygiene for children, Hand Washing Behavior

Everybody is Watching. Better Wash Your Hands!

Admit it.  Have you ever behaved a certain way because you knew someone was watching?  Maybe you wanted to impress someone or maybe you just didn’t want to be embarrassed.

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Topics: Hand hygiene compliance, Hawthorne Effect, Infection Prevention in Healthcare, Infection Prevention - Workplace and Public Areas

Is Buffet Food Bad For You?

"It was the potato salad at the church picnic that poisoned half the people”. Every public health student has heard this example in school I’m sure. It’s the classic case of a single, ready to eat food item served to a group of people who may have eaten it, along with other food. The example goes on to explain how we calculate attack rates and discover the contaminated item that sickened the people. Sounds like the game Clue. Investigating foodborne illnesses is very much a detective game. The investigation as to who, what, when, and where all need answers to determine the source of contamination. There may be isolated cases of illness, or there may be a larger group of people that have a common link i.e. the holiday party at work. Either way, food can make us sick.

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Topics: Cross-contamination Prevention - Food Industry, Foodborne Illness, Food Preparation, Food Safety

This Is Where Germs Are Lurking In Your Home

Most homeowners take pride in keeping their homes clean and tidy. The kitchen and washrooms get most of our attention when it comes to cleaning, but does all that time scrubbing, shining, polishing and sweeping really make a difference when it comes to keeping germs away? And are we spending too much time cleaning specific areas of the house but neglecting other areas where bacteria lurk even more?

This article will identify the areas of the house that have the highest concentration of germs, or better known as "germ hot-spots". Some of them may surprise you!

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Topics: Hand Washing, germs

How To Protect Hands from Skin Damage in the Mining Industry

Mining and quarrying workers have to deal with the dangers of working with heavy loads and equipment as well as unstable underground conditions on a regular basis. However, when examining the risks to industrial workers, what is often neglected is the strain that their skin, the most delicate and largest organ of the body, is placed under. The skin on the hands, in particular, can be easily damaged in the workplace by a range of hazardous substances, and by UV radiation from the sun.

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Topics: UV skin protection, sun protection for outdoor workers

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